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Welcome to Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Published 11.09.2013, AT 01:00

Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry's vision thrives to be the driving force behind making the Bergen region the most attractive commercial area of Norway.
We are a politically neutral service organization, and the largest locally based organization in Bergen with over 2 800 members. We arrange more than 90 meetings throughout the year.


The establishment of  Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry was formally established 6 September 1988, but our roots go far back in time. All the way back to 17 November 1845, when the “Bergen Haandværkerforening” was founded. The Association changed its name to "Bergen Håndværk and Industriforening” in 1886. Bergen Trade Association was established in 1895 and Bergen Chamber of Commerce in 1915.
In 1988 these associations merged and formed the organization Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The stock market and Bergen Financial Forum are also linked to the Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Bergen Chamber of Commerce looking after the interests of its members
We are the largest organization looking after the member’s interests in the region of Bergen. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has had an impressive increase in its activities in recent years, which lead to an extensive cooperation at national, Nordic and European level. Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organised through the world wide Chambers network.
INN Bergen – Service Centre for the Bergen region
Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides various services to the businesses in the region that are recruiting foreign employees. The goal is to ease the companies' efforts at recruiting foreign employees, and getting expatiates to feel at home in Bergen. There is a great need to recruit qualified employees to the region, according to a survey done by  Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry with financial support from the Municipality of Bergen.

Spokesman for better framework conditions
An important task is to highlight the skills and development in traditional, as well as new industries: marine / Bio marine sector, maritime sector, energy, new innovative environments within ICT, research and teaching, higher education, film, visualization, music, design and cultural sector. We aught to be the spokesman and the driving force to improve the framework conditions and measures for the business sector. Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the link between business, politics, education and research. The Members show, through their active participation, that they take part into developing and renewing the organization.
Bergen Scenarios 2020
The Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the initiator of Bergen Scenarios 2020 (BS2020) aiming at making Bergen a city full of vitality and experiences. The business community, the research, the education and the politicians are involved in order to resolve the obstacles, so that it becomes a 5 + for the city and its inhabitants. The opposite scenario is a tasteless city where everything is only 3. More information regarding the 5 + and Bergen Scenarios available at the Web site www.bergenscenarier.no.

Proud traditions
Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry has proud traditions in management. History is full of examples about the many local businesses that adequately mastered the changing times. History is also characterized by revolutionizing, often with a background in the technological development, structural changes in the market, access to raw materials, or crises. On the occasion of the 150 year anniversary in 1995, the association released a book entitled "Bedre frem Bergen” - Bergen's businesses from 1845 to 1995. The book gives the reader a glimpse of the Norwegian business development in the rise and fall times, through 150 years, from the sailing era to our own oil and gas business.

Service Centre
The administration in Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a Service Centre primarily intended for its members, but we also give guidance to others in need of assistance. Through member surveys and continuous contact with businesses and members, we detect the needs and determine the issues. We are a link between our members and politics, research and higher education institutions.

In recent years we have had a significant increase of inquiries from members who need information, advice and contacts. The administration aught to balance between providing service to its members, at the same time that we spend resources on economical and commercial related issues.

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