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Resource Groups

Published 11.09.2013, AT 01:00

Trade and Service Resource Group
This group works to improve the framework for the trade industry in Bergen, both in the center and in the suburbs. It also focuses on trade in connection with the surrounding municipalities and the Western part of Norway.

Culture and Entertainment
The group sets the agenda for promoting the culture and entertainment sector, and increase collaboration between the sector and other business life. The aim is to further develop the Bergen region as an attractive area for the culture and entertainment industry to operate.

Diversity and Social Inclusion
This group promotes the use of available competence in industry, emphasizing how this positively reflects the diversity of society with regards to age, gender and ethnicity. In recent years the group has concentrated on integrating multicultural workers into local businesses.

The Finance group works to promote the Bergen finance industry nationally and regionally, and to make Bergen an attractive region for employees and for businesses in the finance sector.

The IT group aims to highlight the IT-sector as a central body of support for the business sector in the region. The group works to ensure the development of competence and recruitment of talent to the local IT-sector.

This group is broadly assembled, with contributors from businesses, education and research and the public sector. Generally, the group seeks to increase international expertise and the development of an infrastructure that contributes to strengthened internationalization of the region.

The group works on increasing collaboration between education and research with business and public administration, establishing a Marine Grand Meeting, providing industry-based input to the trade and industry policy and sets key topics on the agenda of Marine Meeting-place.

This group aims to highlight the region’s maritime industry, nationally and internationally, strengthen Bergen as a maritime center and improve maritime education and research.

Media and Communications
The group is comprised of representatives from all of the largest media companies in the region. Among many goals the group has worked towards the co-localization of Bergen’s media companies, strengthening the cooperation with research environments and public administration and attracting new media companies from other parts of the country.

Oil and Gas
The oil and gas sector is the region’s largest industry. As recruitment of qualified labor is a major focus of the group; it has among other projects worked to highlight and promote the sector and its advantages through media. It has also carried out plans to map out the possibility of uniting all oil and gas exhibitions and conventions, and has started work on this project.

Renewable Energy
The Renewable Energy Group represents both hydro and wind energy producers, combined with experience from research, innovation and host municipalities for energy production.

The issue of transport and infrastructure is considered by members as the most important political issues for the business sector. The main long term goal is contributing to the region’s plan to obtain a sustainable infrastructure in accordance with the needs of the business community and the region.

This network aims to give active, social and business minded people under the age of 37 an arena where they can create connections, influence development in the business community, gain insight into topics across different areas of expertise and have access to and engage in the activities of the Bergen Chamber of Commerce.  

Urban Development
The main focus of this resource group is to ensure development of residential and commercial industry in the city and the region in response to a strong population growth in the coming years.

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