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Our History

Published 11.09.2013, AT 01:00

The Bergen Chamber of Commerce has proud traditions dating back to 1845. The story is about local businesses who have diligently mastered the changing times. It is also a story marked by upheavals, caused by the technological development, structural market changes, access to raw materials or crises.

For the 150 year jubilee in 1995, the BCC issued the book ‘Bedre frem Bergen’ – Bergens næringsliv 1845-1995 (Better forward Bergen – the Bergen business sector 1845-1995). The book gives the reader an insight into the development of the business sector in good times and bad through 150 years, from the epoch of sailing-ships to our own oil and gas era.

The establishment of the Bergen Chamber of Commerce
Bergen Chamber of Commerce was formally established on the 6th of September 1988, but our roots go much further back in time, to the 17th of November 1845 when Bergens Haandværkerforening was founded. The organisation changed it’s name in 1886 to Bergens Haandværks- og Industriforening Bergens Handelsforening was established in 1895 and Bergens Handelskammer in 1915. In 1988, these organisations merged into Bergen Næringsråd. Børsmiljøet and Bergen Finansforum are also linked to the Bergen Næringsråd organisation.

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