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Bergen Scenarios 2020

Published 11.09.2013, AT 01:00

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The Bergen Chamber of Commerce initiated the project Bergen Scenarios 2020 in 2003, and since the start, the project has focused on what may happen in the region and it’s people in the years up to 2020.

Core questions are:

* What do we need in order to create a vibrant and exciting region?

And not in the least:

* How can we avoid developing into a powerless city and region, filled with prejudice and negative attitudes?

Bergen Scenarios 2020 is led by a core team that consists of central businesses and organisations in the region. Together they set the path for how we progress towards a steadily closer future.

The project will also focus on the environment
Sustainable development and the environment will be one of the main issues for Bergen Scenarios 2020 during the course of the coming years.

- Businesses that ‘go green’ gain a better reputation, and thus gain a competitive advantage and increased market shares, says Project Manager Harald Schjelderup.

The challenge will be to utilise environmental knowledge, not only to reduce the negative environmental impact nationally and globally, but also to create profitable businesses and workplaces.

Visit the Bergen Scenarios 2020 webpage here!

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