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Hordaland Business Alliance

Published 11.09.2013, AT 01:00

Ten business associations in Hordaland made their collaboration efforts formal on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008, with the establishment of the Hordaland Business Alliance. The agreement gives each of the organisations more power in their lobbying efforts, both regionally and nationally. Several of the business organisations have collaborated on different issues for many years. Since 2005 the business associations in Hordaland have worked through the forum ‘Regional Business Organisations’.

Main goals for collaboration in the Business Alliance

The participants agreed to take part in an enhanced and inclusive partnership between the private business organisations in the region, with particular emphasis on selected political issues related to regional business life.

The participants/associations have four main targets for collaboration:

* More power in lobbying efforts, primarily for the region and nationally

* A common voice and lobby unit in relation to the Business Region Bergen

* Act as one in selected cases, as in public hearings

* Exchange of knowledge and experience, and network sharing

A common voice

The business alliance wishes to act as one united voice and participant with regards to the Business Region Bergen, among others, and to act collectively in selected cases, including being a joint consultation body in public hearings. The exchange of knowledge, experience and networking between the different associations is crucial to the Business Alliance.

Main issues:

* Transport and communications
    Regional transport analysis/Bergen pack 3 and the Coast Main Road E39 (with HordFast).
* Preparation for business development, access to building spots for commercial development
    with regional business opportunity analysis
*  Collaboration and dialogue with Business Region Bergen
* A closer collaboration with higher education and research
* Regional attractiveness and access to qualified labour
* Improved cooperation between School, Education and Business community

The following business associations take part in the collaboration:

Arna Næringsforum

Askøy Næringslivsforening

Austevoll Næringsråd

Bergen Næringsråd

Etne Næringsutvikling

Fusa Næringslivslag

Hardanger Næringsråd

Kvam Næringsråd

Nordhordland Handverk- og Industrilag

Osterøy Industrilag

Samnanger Næringsforum

Stord Næringsråd

Vaksdal Næringsselskap

Vest Næringsråd

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