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Roads, public transport and traffic system

Published 11.09.2013, AT 01:00

Our members have rated transport and infrastructure as the most important political issue for the business sector. The region is estimated to expand by another 160.000 people in the course of the next 30 years, and this challenge must be met in order for the region to develop.

Our region needs:  

* Bergen Light Rail service to all city districts

* A 4-line main road system in all directions to and from Bergen

* A good ring road system in the west and east

* A ferry-free coast trunk road between Bergen and Stavanger, and later intercity train service between Bergen-Stord-Haugesund-Stavanger

* A new road system to Sotra

* Nyborg and Arna Tunnels

* A new terminal at Flesland

* A logistical hub for goods that combines rail, auto, marine and air transport

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