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About Us

Published 10.09.2013, AT 01:00

What is the Bergen Chamber of Commerce?

The Bergen Chamber of Commerce is a driving force for making the Bergen region the most attractive business area in the country.

The organization
The BCC is politically neutral and the largest local business organization with more than 3000 members.
We arrange over a hundred member meetings annually with a total of more than 10.000 participants.

Our services

Chamber of Commerce
The Bergen Chamber of Commerce is part of an international network of Chambers. This implies network and collaboration on a national, Nordic and European level. BCC is also part of the world wide Chamber system.

INN Bergen – Expat service center for the Bergen region
BCC offers businesses in the Bergen region services in connection with hiring of expats. We assist the companies in the process of receiving and integrating the expats in the first period after arrival.

BCC is a bridge builder between business, politics, education and research.

Service center
BCC is a service center for our members in issues of interest for them. Through member surveys and direct member contact we register cases and needs. Based on this information we set our priorities and address cases for politicians and to the media.

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